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To make you smile

"When it comes to celebration the person with an intellectual disability is often less disabled than others, because he/she is not imprisoned by convention, worry about efficiency or fear of what others may think." (Charter I,2)

And your gift?faith and light france.jpg
During a confirmation ceremony, the Bishop spoke in his homily of the "great gift" (implied, the Holy Spirit) that he will give to all those who will be confirmed.
At the friendly reception following the ceremony, John calls the bishop:
- "And your gift?"

In "canon"
- "We are going to sing in canon."
- "Oh no, no canon. I don’t like war ! "

It was so good !
About fifteen members of my community participated in the Pilgrimage to St Maurice in Switzerland for the Faith and Light 40th anniversary. They share the story...
- "And you, Emmanuel, can you tell us what you enjoyed the most in St Maurice ?" 
- "It was really good !"
- "Can you explain a little more ?"
- "So good, it was really good, the cheese was so tasty !"

Don't you think she looks like me?julie - faith and light

In order to celebrate the Faith and Light 40th anniversary, Julie came from France with her parents for the pilgrimage to Fatima in the province of Luzitania, where she has made ​​many friends...
-" Mom, have you seen this girl, she looks like me, right?"
- "Yes, of course Julie, she has Down syndrome."
- "But then, why does she speak Portuguese?"


marie caroline


Béatrice has Down’s syndrome. With some friends she is playing the question game. Her turn to reply comes :
- “Béatrice, do you know who is the emperor of the Mongols?”
Silence… after a moment :
- “I know, it’s Jean Vanier!”

 Pilgrimage to Rome
On a pilgrimage in Rome, the communities are received in audience by the Pope. After he has addressed several words to the group, a loud voice rings out : “Thank you, Holy See”




But what’s happening?
We are in Lourdes. It is Easter Sunday. After the celebration, the communities gather together for the procession of the Holy Sacrament. We are stamping our feet, we are waiting, nothing is happening.
A tired father begins to get impatient:
- "But, after all, it’s unbelievable, what’s happening?"
Beside him, a young man with a disability, very calmly replies:
- "What’s happening is that in the morning Jesus has risen and we are expecting him any minute now."

"Do you know this man?"
During the pilgrimage to Lourdes, we are reliving the passage of the Gospel where Peter denies Jesus. Everything has been carefully prepared. John is to represent Peter. When the time comes for him to speak and reply to the question “Do you know this man?”, he hesitates… a friend whispers to him “you must say, you remember, no, I don’t know this man”. John turns round, indignantly: “But I do know him very well, it’s James, we are in the same community”. A gospel mime which took some time to recover its solemnity…


By the seaside...
Our two communities are friends and we organized a pilgrimage by the seaside : four days of living together, a journey in sleeper coach, a boat ride, Mass every day with our chaplain and celebrations with the nearest community. For Erik who lives alone with his mother and who had never left his neighborhood, it is a real discovery ! When he saw the sea for the first time he became comp: "Well, there is more water than in my bathtub!"