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Person with a disability

"Faith and Light gives to persons with an intellectual disability the possibility of being recognized as unique persons, and using their gifts and discovering the joy of friendship." (Charter I)

Give peace to all

During Mass, right after we gave each other the sign of Peace, Annie exchanged this discussion with Mark, a friend of the community:
Annie : I regret not being able to be teleported...
Mark: I think not being able to teleport oursef helps us to live well and enjoy where we are at the moment.
Annie: Yes, but if I could teleport myself, I would go fast and give peace to all my friends from the community!

I will never leave Faith and Light
I will never leave Faith and Light, until I am 100 years old, until I die. Because in Faith and Light, we visit each other, we celebrate birthdays, enjoy picnics, go to summer camps in August, pray together, meet and often phone each other. And it's very rare be part of a group and make friends who contact each other. Those ou

tside of Faith and Light, they never contact me. I do not know why!
Philippe, Lebanon

A question
Sometimes, I wonder how we used to manage before Faith and Light !
Anne, France

The friends of God
When we have a disability, we cannot find friends by ourselves : we neet to get together in community and help each other, pray. I like meeting my friends : Faith and Light creates a family close to God, with God' friends. We do not feel our handicap. We are like everyone else because there is no difference.
Peter, USA

Before Faith and Light, I just felt like I wanted to die.
Denis, France

I want to vote for...
The elections are over. Paul raises his hand.
- It's over, Paul, finally we have a new leader !
- Okay. But I want to vote for meeting everyday...
Paul, Switzerland