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"To the parents, Faith and Light gives support in their trials and helps them to better appreciate the inner beauty of their children. A number of them, in turn, become a source of strength and an assistance to other parents..." (Charter I)

Why Faith and Light is so important to me
deux amies.jpgAs a parent, before becoming a member of Faith and Light, and particularly before going to Lourdes, I had a wounded heart, like most of the parents I know. Today, my wound has been healed by Faith and Light, especially thanks to the friends, to the other parents and to their children. I had family and personal problems, but they are no longer such a heavy burden thanks to my friends from Faith and Light. Persons in my family and around me who did not appreciate my daughter Belinda, now today love her because the members of Faith and Light have shown their love for her.
Some of them visit us, talk to her and we are invited to celebrations: People are interested in us and in our life. My sister always says that this is the work of God, she has never heard of friendship and love like that which you bring to us, to me and to my family. I am writing this to you because in my country, there are different races and such relationships would be impossible if it were not the work of God.”.
A mother, Zimbabwe


enfantsThey share my sufferings
Faith and Light is the only place where I find peace of spirit. This is the reason why I stay in the community. I see my child happy, playing with other children often more disabled than himself. I also meet people ready to share my suffering.
                                    A father, France

In Faith and Light, people do not see Linda as a problem. For them she is a person.
A mother, New Zealand

I found God again
For over ten years, I lived far away from God. My wife was going to the Faith and Light meetings but I always refused to participate. One day, I realized that my daughter Joasia's presence was attracting many people at home, people quite different from each other. Some of them were really brilliant while other ones came with a lovely smile. Josia seemed to bring many things to these persons. And then one day, I found God again. My hierarchy of values totally changed. I think it was with the Lord's grace, and within this grace lays Joasia's presence on the road of my life.
Alexandre (Pologne)