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"The friends come to understand that there is another world, a world other than that of competition, money and success; those who are weak and poor invite them into a world of tenderness and fidelity, of listening and of faith." (Charter I)

We all are Gospels
A universal prayer written by young people from Faith and Light when they met the youth of the chaplaincy:
"Despite our differences, we can come closer to each other. How wonderful it is to love, it is good to be together. We all are Gospel."


With his heart
Guy, a friend with a disability, came and spent a weekend with us. When we were getting ready to go to mass, he looked at me and said: “Now let’s go and pray with his heart”. He came up to me, held my shoulder and said again: “We are going to pray but pay attention with the head in heaven, the head in the heart!”
François, France

Yannick and Judikaël
During the prayers, Father John reminded us of the personal call to each of the 12 apostles. After which, we all received a little envelope containing a message that was addressed to us personally. This message ended with: “I choose you and I love you, Jesus".
Two reactions particularly touched me: Yannick, who at once said to us “Thank you everyone”. He had perceived that the recognition of Jesus for his person, passed through the recognition of all the community.
Judikaël who, after reading his message and of “I choose you and I love you” cried out “For always?” and then with assurance, “Jesus is proud of me”. When you know the story of this little fellow, who is today entering his third family, how can you not be overwhelmed by this cry? The call of Jesus to Judikaël, but also the call of Judikaël to the community: “Can you receive me and love me such as I am, for always ?”
Eric, Belgium

I was deeply moved and I wanted to come again
I came to a Faith and Light community meeting to please a teacher who invited me. The first time, I was a bit scared and also deeply moved. But I wanted to come again.
Like other friends from school, I think I was attracted to the way the person with a disability come to you, smile at you and welcome you without trying to see if you are good or bad, rich or poor, disabled or not. I stayed because I was fascinated by the people or by God present in them. Faith and Light, how captivating...
Carlo, Italy

livaMy friend Liva
Liva is 22 years old, he begs seating on his doorway with his poor distorted body. His mum carries terracotta bricks on her head, used for building houses. This work is very hard and she must often leave Liva alone. Meeting with Faith and Light changed his life. Now, he is not alone anymore, he is not rejected and Liva recovered his beautiful smile (he does not speak, but he understands everything).
Cécile, Madagascar