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Person with a disability
image "Faith and Light gives to persons with an intellectual disability the possibility of being recognized as unique persons, and using their gifts and discovering the joy of friendship." (Charter I)
image "To the parents, Faith and Light gives support in their trials and helps them to better appreciate the inner beauty of their children. A number of them, in turn, become a source of strength and an assistance to other parents..." (Charter I)
image "The friends come to understand that there is another world, a world other than that of competition, money and success; those who are weak and poor invite them into a world of tenderness and fidelity, of listening and of faith." (Charter I)
image "To the chaplains, Faith and Light offers the opportunity to rediscover in a new way the core of the Gospel message, the good news of Jesus Christ, announced to the poor and little ones, and to find there a source of renewal for their ministry." (Charter I)
To make you smile
image "When it comes to celebration the person with an intellectual disability is often less disabled than others, because he/she is not imprisoned by convention, worry about efficiency or fear of what others may think." (Charter I,2)