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To order the Faith and Light documents : booklets for community building, for deepening our life together, getting to know us better...



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 For community building

  • The Charter and Constitution, Free

  • Guidelines for the first year (2013 edition), 5,50 €

  • Annual guidelines, 2€ 

  • Leader's handbook, 3 €

  • Sharing our responsibility in Faith and Light, 2015 edition, 2 €

  • You will shine in the World like Bright Stars, 2,50 €
    (Reflection on the Identity and Mission of Faith and Light)                     

  • The leader's pack (contains the Charter and constitution, the leaders' handbook, the first guidelines, the booklet on the identity and mission of Faith and Light : You will shine in the World like Bright Stars..., the finances in Faith and Light, Deepening our spirituality in Faith and Light, Sharing our responsibility in Faith and Light, the leaflet), 8 €

 For deepening our life together

  • Day for a renewal in the community, Free
  • Deepening our spirituality in Faith and Light, 3 €
  • Letters to my brothers and sisters, Father Joseph Larsen, 2 €
  • How to prepare and live a Faith and Light retreat, 3 €
  • The Faith and Light Mysteries, Ghislain du Chéné, 0,50€
  • The way of the heart - Chaplains bear witness, 6 €
  • The Way of the Cross, Ghislain du Chéné, 2,50 €
  • Games booklet,  3 €
  • Ecumenism in Faith and Light, 1 €
  • Messages of the Churches to Faith and Light, 3 € 
  • Fioretti, Father Joseph Larsen, 2 €
  • Formation Week ends and sessions in Faith and Light, 1 €
  • Let's go on holiday together, 1,50 €
  • Finances in Faith and Light, Free
  Getting to know us better

  • DVD : Faith and Light international meeting, Leeds 2013, 12 € 

  • DVD : "The Faith and Light Story, told by Marie-Hélène Mathieu, 5 €
                presentation in english, french, spanish, italian

  • DVD :  "1971, naissance de Foi et Lumière à Lourdes" (en français), 5 €
  • Kit of 5 DVDs of Jean Vanier "Learning from those who are weak" (useful tool to prepare a retreat or a time of recollection with your communities) 38 euros

       Download content page and DVD cover

  • NEW : 2018 Faith and Light Leaflet, Free
  • Faith and Light Poster : 0,08 € large size (A3 format ) and 0,07 small size (A4)
  • Faith and Light new Pin's, 2 € 

  • A few easy recipes to raise funds, 1 €
  • Letter to my brothers and sisters in L'Arche and Faith and Light, Jean Vanier,  1,50 €
  • Brief history of Faith and Light (illustrated), 0,24 €
    Also available in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Japanese
  • "Shadows and Light", special issue 40th anniversary of Faith and Light, 1 €

An invoice including the postage costs will be sent together with the delivery of your order.The prices indicated are not of a commercial nature. They represent a participation in the printing and production costs of the publications.