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In the society and the Church

Reveal to each person his/her unique gift and beauty


dans la communauté72.jpgOur mission in the community is to create bonds of friendship between all members and to reveal to each person his/her unique gift and beauty. These bonds will allow us to grow humanly and spiritually and to find a new meaning for our life, whether we are parents, friends or persons with an intellectual disability. We are called to be witnesses, at the heart of the world, of the love of Christ for the littlest of his children.

famille violette pour site.jpgIN OUR FAMILIES

We are no longer alone...The bonds of friendship woven during the monthly gatherings are expressed by numerous signs between meetings. We regain trust in the future. Our perception of our child with disabilities changes. Different, often rejected, he/she has found, in Faith and Light, a place where his/her gifts are revealed. Gifts which he/she can put at the service of others, whether this is in his/her family, the place where he/she is received or works and in his/her community.


pèlerinage lourdes pour site72.jpgIN OUR PARISHES

Faith and Light, born at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, is an ecumenical movement. It is founded on the conviction that persons with an intellectual disability have been chosen by God to confound the wise and the strong. Its spirit is the spirit of the Gospel, the spirit of compassion and acceptance of human suffering.

Each community wants to be inserted in the parish or the parishes of its members. Faith and Light thus is the sign that the most vulnerable persons, and often the most rejected, are at the heart of the Church. Each community is also twinned with a religious community. Thus, they pray for each other.
The movement is attached to the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the Vatican.
In France, Monseigneur Jacques Benoît-Gonnin, bishop of Beauvais, is its accompanying bishop.



Faith and Light communities have their roots indifferent Christian traditions: Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant. Most often the members of a community belong to the same Church. Some communities are interdenominational. All Christians are called to find a deep expression of their faith and their love of Jesus within their own Church.
At community meeting, they seek how they may worship together, united as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. All of them are called to discover and appreciate with joy the truly Christian values that have their source in their common patrimony.
Faith and Light believes that the person who is weak and disabled can become a source of unity in society and in each Church and also between Churches and nations.