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How to achieve it ?

Life giving structures

The 1500 communities around the world (81 countries) are divided into 52 provinces of about thirty communities. The province can be a country (Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium). It can also be composed of several countries or be smaller than a country: for instance in France, Italy, Poland, Canada ... Each province is accompanied by a coordinator. Each provincial coordinator is accompanied by a vice international coordinator. Each vice coordinator is accompanied by the international coordinator.
The international coordinator, the twelve vice international coordinators, the international chaplain and the general secretary form the international coordinating team.
From a legal standpoint, Faith and Light International is an association under French law, according to the law of 1901.

The international coordinating team is attentive to the needs of the different Provinces and responds to the best of its ability. It ensures that leaders in the movement are identified and chosen in accordance with the spirit of the movement, that they receive appropriate formation to accomplish their role, and that they are well supported and accompanied to accomplish their mission. It remains linked to the official channels of the different Churches in order to keep them informed of the activities of Faith and Light and to receive guidance from them. The team is concerned with the financial matters and make sure the requests made to the provinces are taken into consideration. The team meets at least once a year. The mandate of its members is for five years, renewable once.

The Board of Directors governs the movement, it is entrusted with the mission and vision of Faith and Light. It delegates to the Coordinating Team the coordination of the movement. On the recommendation of the International Coordinator, it periodically revises the size and the composition of Provinces. it approves the creation of new Provinces according to needs and according to the development of Faith and Light in the world. It approves and publishes all documents and booklets deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the international movement. The Board of Directors meets at least twice a year. The mandate of its members is 5 years, renewable once.