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Brothers and sisters

Brothers and sisters all have a place in the Foi et Lumière communities. However, this often scares them as they already carry a great weight of suffering when they are at home. But, when they take the risk to come here, a whole new path can open up before them.


Mummy, why do you never smile?

Who can imagine what it means for a child to never see their mother smile? Up until the age of four or five, I never saw Mummy smile with true happiness. It must have been at that age that I came into the kitchen one day to ask her, “Mummy, why do you never smile?” Mummy didn't reply and I started to cry. Even though she never spoke about my sister, I felt that sorrow for Chicca had broken her heart.

With Daddy, it was different. At difficult times, it was he who would smile, tell stories and play with us. Only now do I understand where he found the strength to tackle his grief: in his almost blind faith and in his love for Mummy and for us, his children.

Being part of the Foi et Lumière community was a fundamental stage in my life. At the beginning, it mainly affected my parents by helping them to accept Chicca. I benefited indirectly from this new atmosphere because I felt and saw that they were in the process of overcoming a period of great sadness, and this did me good.

I felt good in the community: I started to find friends who accepted, who liked Chicca and I as we were. They saw beyond our appearances and helped us to discover all the riches within us.

Chicca and her friends taught me how to distinguish between what is important and what isn't. I remember hours spent holding my friend Daniel in my arms with nothing to do except reassure him and summer afternoons playing guitar with him by my side. Sometimes when, even today, it occurs to me that I could be spending my time in a better way, I think about these moments and I realise that it was Daniel, Chicca and her friends who taught me the value of time and of my fellow man. They also taught me the mystery of suffering. At Foi et Lumière, we sing, we talk, we eat together...but our characteristic joy is based on suffering. Perhaps this is why the Foi et Lumière parties are so beautiful, so different.

Everything that I experienced at Foi et Lumière was beautiful because there were friends there. They will never know what they have done for me, my family and all the families at Foi et Lumière, thanks to their friendship, their availability, their time, their laughter, their questions, their prayers...