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With God, dear Cardinal Martini

11 september 2012

On 31 August, a great friend of Faith and Light, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, joined his Lord...

The Faith and Light communities in Italy are united by the prayers of all those who remember their dear Father Carlo Maria Martini with great affection. For those with an intellectual disability, their family and their friends, Carlo Maria was a father and a friend. For many years, he was the reference Bishop for the Italian Church, during some difficult times for our family and the National Council, with a father’s heart and the wisdom of a great man led by the Spirit.

We thank the Lord for having given us this great priest and we want to speak of all our love for this man of God who, through his attention to the smallest and the most fragile, was a great witness to the Gospel that he proclaimed throughout his life until the very end.

Don Marco Bove
Chaplain of the Fiume di Pace Province

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