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Welcome to the new coordinators

14 june 2013

They are nine to join the Coordinators Council...

For the past three months, several provinces have organized provincial assemblies and we are pleased to welcome nine new coordinators joining the Coordinators Council.

  • Isabel Cuche, Belgium
  • Dominique Pfeffer, Ile de France Ouest
  • Lorenzo Julien, Open Hearts (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua)
  • Angelina Fátima Toledo da Costa, Campo Belo (Central Brazil)
  • Michel Baudrand, France Rhône Azur 
  • Mary Cosgrove, Ireland
  • Tony Abboud, ILA Trinity
  • Micha Imad, South Lebanon and Jordan
  • Helena Escribano Alonso, and Terra Mare (Easter Spain)

And thank you to Miguel and Muski Reyes, Iberatlantic (West Spain and Gibraltar) and Angela Grassi, Peace River (North Italy, Galilee) who agreed to serve their province a second time.

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