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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

13 january 2014

Let us make one fervently in this great chain of prayer from 18th January until 25th on the topic: "Has Christ been divided?"...

The document 2014 was made by an interfaith team from Canada.
This year proposal invites us to reflect on the meaning of the welcoming and sharing of gifts between people, but also between the various churches and communities. If your community meeting takes place during that week, there is certainly in this document enough to feed your time of prayer for unity.

Since its beginnings, Faith and Light has lived the ecumenical dimension in full. As Marie-Hélène Mathieu recalls: "We were born ecumenical […] We didn’t want to hide our differences but, beyond our differences and with our differences, to create bonds of friendship and prayer whilst encouraging each person to root themselves in their own tradition and recognise in it the special place of the weak."

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