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Meeting in Cotonou with the Holy Father !

21 november 2011

The Faith and Light community of Cotonou "Our Lady of the people with disabilities" attended the visit of the Holy Father at Saint Rita's parish, on Saturday 19th November. You can imagine the joy of this small community, quite isolated and weak...

I was sharing a big dream with sister Marie-Antoinette Dossou, who is the contact person for the community "Our Lady of the people with disabilities" : that the Holy Father may be able to meet with the community during his apostolic visit to Benin ! On Wednesday 26th October,
at the end of the audience, I had the privilege to greet the Holy Father ; and within the few seconds I could talk with him, I said : "Holy Father, I invite you to meet the Faith and Light community of Cotonou while you are visiting Benin." And he replied : "It's possible". With this statement, I wrote to the Apostolic Nuncio of Cotonou to insist... in order that one delegation at least can participate in the celebrations and then greet the Holy Father ! 

And this is what reports the Sister Marie-Antoinette : "Thanks be to God. He works and keep working wonders on Earth. The Pope's visit to Benin from November 18th to 20th that we just experienced was a success with the grace of God. This great and unforgettable event ended very well with the Pope, yesterday on Sunday, feast of Christ the King of the Universe. Thanks to the Lord. You will certainly see our Faith and Light community on the airwaves or Online these days, since the community attended the visit at the Saint Rita's parish of Cotonou. We were well-placed inside the church, on the immediate passage of the Pope. He touched our people with a disability who were on his path with our cardboard sign with the inscription: "FAITH AND LIGHT COMMUNITY OF BENIN THANK YOU HOLY FATHER".    
You can imagine the joy of this small community, very isolated and weak ; and I hope that this meeting will give inspiration and hope!     
On the video, around
the minute 36-37, I think we can see the hand of sister Marie Antoinette's reaching out to the Pope after he kissed a child in a wheelchair!
Ghislain du Chéné             

Watch the full video !

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