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"Up Sails!" N°35, In the footsteps of Jesus

14 december 2017

In order to go to Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary made a long journey on foot, more than 150 kilometres...

You can imagine Joseph, walking in front, followed by the donkey carrying Mary on its back; and Mary herself carrying Jesus in her womb. A few months previously, Mary had gone to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. Jesus, before his birth, had therefore already covered a lot of road. During the days following his birth, there were others who set off to come and worship this child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger: shepherds and Wise Men from the East. Jesus was therefore destined for a life of roaming that began very early when they fled to Egypt: The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head (Mt 8, 20)... More

Contents :

  • Reports in Canada, Poland, Chile, Egypt, the Netherlands ...
  • Testimonies from France, Sweden, a retreat in Trosly for Russians and Ukrainians together ...
  • Our joys and our sorrows.
  • The letter of Marie-Hélène Mathieu: "Sources of gentleness".

And many other topics.

"Up Sails" N° 35, December 2017






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