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Up Sails ! N°30

28 september 2016

The September issue has just been released with a new layout ! Come and discover !

Is it a return?

Every year at this time, you hear: the holidays are over, time to return. However, I believe that life doesn’t really stop for people with a disability: you don’t imagine that they can send their disability on holiday for a few weeks? And then Faith and Light never takes a holiday! There is always something happening at Faith and Light. First of all, for all the countries in the southern hemisphere, July and August are winter months… and then let’s take a look closer to home at everything that has been going on over these past months:

  • A Coordinating Council meeting in Konstancin (Poland) where, for a week, the province leaders from across the world met to share, celebrate and pray together.
  • The World Youth Days, at the end of July in Krakow, where many community members took part and I know that they all returned, certainly tired, but full of renewed energy!... read more
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