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"Up Sails!" 26

16 september 2015

Let’s pack our schoolbags!

"Up Sails!" 26

“love makes the world go round”.

At the beginning of each new year, parents of pupils always check carefully that their children have all the essential things to ensure that the school year goes as well as possible. They need a good schoolbag, books, exercise books and pencils. I suggest that we inspect our equipment together...At the beginning of this new year, each of us in our communities must also have the equipment we need to ensure that meetings go as well as possible... I suggest that we inspect our equipment together.
First, let’s get to know the guidelines with which all the communities in the world will be walking hand in hand. In the first months, through prayer and in communion with those who are already in Heaven, we will be preparing to meet the baby Jesus in the manger. Then, strengthened by this encounter, we will discover that what unites us is greater than what separates us: the separation between Christians, young people and the not so young, the rich and the poor and between joy and suffering. Finally, we will set off, attentive to the calls of God, reinforced by the Holy Spirit, strengthened by the divine Mercy, announcing our joyful news to the furthest reaches of the earth! As this beautiful sculpture shows, “love makes the world go round”...

After this editorial, let us leave for the Netherlands, Georgia, Belgium, Madagascar, The United States, Italy, Syria, France, New Zealand...

"Up Sails!", September 2015


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