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"Up Sails!" N° 36: See, I am making all things new!

28 march 2018

Many things have been changing in Faith and Light since the young people met in Spain last August. A breath of fresh air is pushing our little boat forward!...

Many things have been changing in Faith and Light since the young people met in Spain last August. A breath of fresh air is pushing our little boat forward! Since 2006, when we wanted to enlarge the size of our tent; since 2008, when we hoisted (up) a sail in the Faith and Light boat in order to go forth in the wake of the Spirit, we have been going to the other shore, a shore that is still to be explored… However, do not be afraid: Jesus, who inspired Jean and Marie-Hélène with this beautiful gift, for which they have given us responsibility, will always be present to guide us. Let us continue to learn to make ourselves small like children (cf. Mt 18, 4), let us continue to receive him in our communities by welcoming the most fragile because to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God (Jn 1, 12).
I am observing an undeniable rejuve-nation in the provincial teams:

  • During the past year, I have taken part in seven provincial assemblies and, six times, it was the youngest of the “candidates” presented that was elected.
  • Since the meeting in Guardamar, three of the young participants have been led to take on responsibilities in their province: vice provincial coordinator (Matanda), provincial treasurer (Mateusz) and community coordinator (Anna).



Next July, in Lebanon, for the large international meeting, a dozen young people who took part in the youth meeting will come and talk about their expectations for our movement and reiterate that they are ready to help it be more welcoming to the youngest. This will certainly be a highlight of this large assembly that is held every five years.
The next Guidelines, which is already being prepared with a team of Mexicans so that the first communities can use it from September, is going to help us to surf on this "risorgimento" wave because it will be entitled: See, I am making all things new (Rev 21, 5) and it will help us to be innovative and creative whilst remaining faithful to the inspiration of the beginnings of Faith and Light.
Let us prepare for this new Pentecost with Marthe Robin (who often advised Marie-Hélène Mathieu): Lord, send your Spirit and everything will be created and you will renew the face of the earth. […]Holy Spirit, God of Love, come, like a powerful wind, in our cathedrals, in our churches, in our chapels, in our prayer groups, from the most opulent houses to the most humble dwellings. Fill the whole Earth with your light, your comfort and your love. […] Spirit of light, dispel all darkness from the Earth, guide all your errant flock to the divine fold, and pierce the clouds with your mysterious brightness. Reveal yourself to men and may this day be the proclamation of a new dawn.

Ghislain du Chéné

Then, go to Denmark, Peru, Poland, Mexico ... Download "Up Sails!"




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