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"Up Sails" N° 24

4 march 2015

"Follow me,I will make you fishers of men"... This edition is packed full of reports on events which have taken place all around the world: in Madagascar, Egypt, Hungary, Colombia and New Zealand...

... Our 1500 communities are scattered all over the globe and I had some fun calculating their density. There is one community roughly every hundred thousand square kilometres (not including the seas and oceans)! If we want our communities to know each other, to meet and to take part in shared activities, it means we still have a long way to go….
“Faith and Light is a community movement”. So run the first words of our charter, which talks almost entirely of communities. However, so that these “atoms” can become “molecules”, we need to create a link between them, and that is the provinces' wonderful mission: to take care of communities so that they are beautiful, luminous, radiant missionaries! The fifty-two provincial coordinators, each supported by a team, are there to act as a relay between the communities and the movement.
“Up Sails!” is one of the methods put in place to tell people about all the wonderful things that are happening almost everywhere, to help members of communities and friends of Faith and Light to better understand what solidarity can be used for, to provide material for those who want to share the news of Faith and Light!...


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