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To the suffering communities...

25 march 2016

As we walk in the footsteps of Jesus to Golgotha ​​...

Let us not forget all the communities who, more than others, take what's left to suffer from the trials of Christ in their own flesh (Col 1, 24 ), especially in Syria... These two stories are small signs of our friendship to all.

  • Dear brothers and sisters of Faith and Light light in Syria and in other countries of the world who live in a situation of war. We want to give you a message and tell you all that we are united in prayer. We are a Faith and Light community called' The children of the King''. Our names are written on the card. We live in Holland. We want to remember you all in our daily prayers, so that you all can experience the power and peace, love and joy of our dear Lord, and that you can all keep strong in faith and be able to hold on in this war.


  • This fresco has been made by the participants of the formation session held in Sudan in March. They want to share with the Faith and Light communities in Syria that they are with them, hand in hand.








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