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The way of the heart, Chaplains bear witness

25 july 2016

This booklet with a foreword from Jean Vanier has just been published.

What a beautiful little book. A book of witnesses! Priests, deacons and chaplains tell of what they have seen, experienced and heard in a Faith and Light community...They have been transformed by those who have been rejected so often in our societies. But God has chosen the mad and the weak, those who are the most despised to reveal the simplicity of the love of Jesus. It is they who have brought down the walls around the hearts of these witnesses.
The Faith and Light communities have a strong friendship. They reveal, in a unique way, the message of the love of Jesus who wants to become the Beloved Friend of each one of us.

Jean Vanier

109 pages, 6€ - 10 copies : 5 € each - 25 copies : 4 € each


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