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The Guidelines 2014-2015

18 july 2014

has just been released! The theme, this year is: "Missionaries of Joy" and was realized with a Slovenian team...

Ghislain du Chéné

     Last year’s guidelines helped us relive the first steps of the Faith and Light adventure and we were invited to start writing the second volume of these adventures and to ignite the second stage of the Faith and Light rocket!
     This "big bang", which resulted in the creation of communities all over the world, must not be allowed to fizzle out! Also, as we embark on our “mission” this year, we will be accompanied by some great witnesses of this joy that we want to continue announcing, this treasure that we don’t want to keep just for ourselves… The main tool at our disposal will be a net, the net that Peter and Andrew, James and John left on the shore so that they could follow Jesus, using a different type of net, a net to help them become fishermen of people! Over the course of the three years when they were following Jesus on his travels through Galilee, Samaria and Judea, the nets filled up well. However, after Easter, after Jesus' death and resurrection, the same apostles recast their nets, but they caught nothing and were discouraged to find their nets empty! It was then that a man on the shore told them: “Cast the net to the right of the boat and there you’ll find some”. And the nets filled up with 153 large fish!
Are we continuing to cast out our nets? 



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