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That they may be one

20 january 2015

Week of prayer for Christian unity

This month, the guidelines suggest that we walk alongside Charles Lwanga. Because he had refused to offer sacrifices to the traditional gods and protected the pages from the dangerous influences at the King’s court, he was condemned to be buned alive along with twenty-five other Christians, including ten Anglicans. Whilst walking to the place of execution, Kizito, the youngest of the group (13), asked Charles Lwanga: "Give me your hand; I will be less frightened."

During this week of prayer for Christian Unity, let’s also walk hand in hand with our great witnesses, following Charles Lwanga, a catholic, along with Father Alexander Men, an Orthodox, with Cicely Saunders, an Anglican, and Martin Luther King, a Baptist, and we’ll all move forward together on the path of unity, gathered around the littlest ones amongst us


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