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Sad news in Syria!

21 june 2012

One more time, Faith and Light has suffered from a terrible loss in Syria. A few weeks ago, a person from Damascus was killed during an attack, and yesterday in Aleppo, Marina, the coordinator of the St. George community died too...

Here is the testimony that we received, we invite you to pray hard for all of our Syrian friends!

We had yesterday a very sad day, we lost Marina, she passed away because of the crises and the chaos in Aleppo she was the coordinator of Saint George community in Aleppo. Marina was a very active person, always smiling, very friendly, open, ready to help. I heard many people expressing their sadness of losing marina as a shoulder helping and supporting them in their life, losing a very devoted friend. But we said also that we have now a person in heaven will support us in different way. Marina was the wife of father Georges Shehwaro who passed away many years ago. She had two daughter, and has two grand children. We still need your prayers!


On June 16th, few days before Marina’s death, the latest issue of "Up sails!” was released. In that issue, we published parts from the conference of her husband, Father Georges: "Faith and Light, a school for unity and ecumenical work", he gave in Rome in 2002.

This is a tragic coincidence, as a tribute to this beautiful family and to all our friends in Syria!

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