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No longer alone!

7 november 2011

"No longer alone !" The Faith and Light adventure, by Marie-Hélène Mathieu is available in French and will be translated in English.

"No longer alone !" The Faith and Light adventure, written by Marie-Hélène Mathieu with a preface from Jean Vanier, has just been released ! You can order the French version to the international secrétariat ! It will be translated in English language.

It has already been several months since the communities throughout the world began celebrating the 40th anniversary of the foundation of our movement, and a remarkable gift has been given to us! A book, whose title is “No longer alone”, tells us the story of Faith and Light from over 40 years ago (because its origins go back before the 1971 pilgrimage).
Marie-Hélène Mathieu has been tackling this job for more than a year and the result is fabulous! She has literally relived each of the great moments of our sacred history before meticulously writing them down in the manuscript; Jean Vanier has also contributed with a long introduction.                         
The story of Faith and Light is not a long peaceful river! Since its beginnings, plenty of suffering, trials and sad moments have strewn our way; but God has always been a loyal support, built on the preference that he has for the smallest…                
This book is for reading and meditating on because it is going to be a very efficient tool for making us known, spreading our message of joy and helping us to grow. I hope that it will be very quickly translated into  many languages! Indeed, it is vital that we all keep in our hearts what inspired and carried our founders, that we all go forward in our turn with the energy that they demonstrated, that we all show the same determination to make Faith and Light grow everywhere in the world; in brief, for us to be worthy of what our founders have bequeathed
to us!           
I know, after having made many visits to provinces on five continents, how indebted you feel
for everything that Jean and Marie-Hélène have done, not once have I not heard sentences like: “we have been visited ‘x’ times by Marie-Hélène and ’x’ times by Jean, it was so good for us!” or “here is the chapel where Jean came the first time he visited us to talk about Faith and Light, it was in such and such year!”
I give thanks to God for all that they have done for Faith and Light; this book is going to make us tireless messengers, full of boldness and  enthusiasm so that people with an intellectual disability are fully recognised as beloved children of God!
Happy reading!

Ghislain du Chéné, international coordinator


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