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News from Mirna in Syria

8 june 2015

Jean Vanier wrote to Mirna to ask her for news; she replied in considerable details...

... and, with permission from both of them, I am going to share this very moving letter with you because she describes from within what is being experienced by the Christians in this martyred city. She also tells us how Faith and Light remains a source of joy and friendship in the midst of the ruins and debris of the city and how Faith and Light can shine rays of hope in the shadows.
Most of the time, we live our community meetings in a carefree way; it is important not to forget that this joyful news that we have to make known is a fabulous treasure, a treasure that can do miracles in the most difficult or tragic circumstances of our world. Let us be well aware of this side of our movement and not hesitate to carry on announcing Faith and Light, proclaim the message; be persistent whether the time is favourable or unfavourable; convince, rebuke, and encourage, with the utmost patience in teaching (2 Tm 4, 2), this is what Mirna and the Aleppo communities are doing.

 Ghislain du Chéné

Dear Jean,
Thank you so much …..I am well, as everyone around me. No net in Aleppo since my last massage to you ….now we manage to find other tools of contacts.
Aleppo is so wounded city, Easter week was so hard for people in Aleppo. many missile fallen on building at midnight , people were slipping , 7 building completely destroyed , add to many partly destroyed , many families died...

Letter from Mirna 

Let us keep praying for peace with Francis of Assisi. Let us implore Jesus the grace of peace that is not within our grasp. And let us remain in communion with all those who invite us to join our prayers to theirs: Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and all the patriarchs of the Middle East.

Prayer of Francis of Assisi




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