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Merry Christmas!

14 december 2011

"Look to Him, and be radiant."
We heartily wish you a very happy Christmas. Let its joy and peace be with you allthroughout the year 2012. Coming closer to Christmas, we want to share with you this call from the International Coordinator...

 Since the beginning of 2011 and until November 2012, all the communities celebrate the 40th anniversary of Faith and Light, through different pilgrimages around the world. Everyone is “Messenger of joy “ with a double mission : thanks God and announce the special gift of Faith and Light to the world.
Our enthusiasm was renewed by our participation at the meeting of Assisi on october 27th! For me it was like the confirmation of our mission: to welcome the person with an intellectual disability is a source of peace and joy, on the contrary to reject him is a source of tension and conflict. So we set off for 2012 with renewed energy.

As Christmas is coming, I would like to appeal to your generosity: in order to celebrate this jubilee, many countries are faced to financial difficulties and unfortunately have to reduce the number of pilgrims. To finance her project, each province collects funds, but the economical situation of certain countries, the cost of transportation and lodging, can’t permit them to cover their expenses... Read more

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