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In honour of MEB!

2 october 2013

At the Paris city hall, the exhibition "Absolutely Eccentric" celebrates MEB, the artist who painted the Faith and Light boat !

The Paris City Hall exhibition pays tribute to Marc Eberschweiler, otherwise known as MEB (1936-1988), celebrating the work of this artist. Supported by his family since the beginning, in 1963, the first exhibition of this young self-taught artist was a resounding success.

The playwright Eugène Ionesco wrote of MEB; “I have seen some extraordinary works painted by a child, a man, who is described as handicapped. He is a painter with Downs syndrome (…) You will see how rich, troubling, strange his universe is. You cannot fix a boundary where the normal ends and the abnormal begins. There is no such boundary..."  



The “Absolutely eccentric” exhibition focuses on self-taught art or more specifically “Outsider” artists. Organised by the Art and Disability Events association (CEAH), the exhibition presents the work of artists with a learning or psychological disability, aiming to encourage their integration into society and the world of work.


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