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40 years !

31 may 2011

The weekend of the Ascension was eventful ! Four great pilgrimages took place :
in Paray-le-Monial (province France Rhône Azur and Belgium) ; in Loreto (Italy North and Galilee) ; in Paola (Italy South, Poland Center East and Slovenia) and in Steyl (The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Austria).

In order to celebrate Faith and Light 40th anniversary, the communities’ members have begun to carry Faith and Light’s happiness in different shrines!
From April 1 to April 3 in Waikaenee (New Zealand), from April 21 to 24 in Lourdes and Aparecida (Brazil ), the three first pilgrimages of the provinces have taken place, with much enthusiasm, in order to give thanks for the Faith and Light’s gift , and to make known the secret of the joy we live through the friendship relation with persons with an intellectual disability! These were three major merry celebrations, where Faith and Light was not drowned in the amount of the pilgrimages, but has rather been the leaven in the dough !
They were nearly 100 in Waikaenee, coming from Australia and New Zealand, 1 500 in Lourdes, coming from Ile de France, Canada and Portugal, and 650 in Aparecida, coming from Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chili and Peru.
Moreover a pilgrimage took place in Sudan, despite all the difficult events of this country : uprooting of most of Khartoum communities members, departure toward the South where all must be rebuilt, even Faith and Light communities -. The country chaplain, Father Hans Putman, concerned about keeping Faith and Light strength alive, hold on to the celebration by the communities of the happiness of Faith and Light from March 11 to March 13. This pilgrimage took place before the “great pilgrimage” and all the big questions which arise with this departure towards this new country of South Sudan.
The four Faith and Light communities in Cameroun have celebrated the 40th anniversary : two pilgrimages took place on April 30 ( for the three communities of Yaounde and Nkongsamba ) and a third one on May 7 for the community of Douala.
The pilgrimage planned at Easter in Jordan, had to be reported at Amman bishop’s request, because the lebanese people, who should have come by bus, could not cross Syria, where the situation is so tensed at the moment .( A pilgrimage had to be cancelled for security reasons in Egypt in February )

The latest events took place during the week end of Ascension Day at Paray-le-Monial ( France Rhône Azur and Belgique provinces), in Loreto ( North Italy and Galilee), in Paola ( South Italy and East-Center Poland ) and in Stey ( Netherlands,Germany, Luxembourg and Austria ).
This great event of Faith and Light 40th anniversary is now well underway and the positive reactions outweigh the hopes placed in this project – that at times seemed to defy the limits of what we thought possible-.

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