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Call to all chaplains

10 may 2012

request for testimonies,

Call to all chaplains

Monseigneur Audrys Juozas Bačkis, Lithuania

I am always very touched to hear reports from Faith and Light chaplains about how their ministry has changed profoundly after having known and experienced friendship with our intellectually disabled friends. I know some of them whose vocation is not unfamiliar to these bonds of friendship (whether that may be in the heart of their family or elsewhere)... 

The idea came to me of publishing these wonderful stories, as they speak so profoundly of how Jesus calls upon hearts and transforms them through the medium of the friendship that He offers us in our Faith and Light communities.
These stories involve chaplains from all denominations. This is why, in spite of the differences that exist between the various Christian traditions, we believe that intellectually disabled people are a bond of unity between us.
For this reason, I will need this appeal to be spread widely amongst the chaplains (or former chaplains, even if they have become bishops or cardinals…) in the provinces and the communities. In this way, each chaplain should give his eyewitness account, and we will be able to edit a collection of these accounts which will be one of the treasures of our movement. It may help raise even more awareness of the mission of Faith and Light and our ecumenical mission, it could be distributed in seminaries, it could help future chaplains discover their mission…
On a practical level, each account should not be more than a page (about 2,500 characters) with a photo if possible. This collection will be edited by the international secretariat and I will check, with Father Isaac, all the preparatory work. We will also look for an author to introduce the collection with a good preface.
Thank you for your help, I am certain that this document will respond to an important need for our times.

Ghislain du Chéné
International Coordinator

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