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Letter of Jean Vanier

15 january 2013

To be born and reborn each day...

«To be born and reborn each day, despite all the difficulties and uncertainties of our wounded world»

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of hope. Christmas is a light at the end of some long tunnels. Two thousand years ago, in Bethlehem, the angels announced the great news, news of joy for all the people: the birth of a saviour, Jesus, whose name means, “God saves.” Two centuries earlier, the prophet Zechariah had spoken of the one who was to come, who would proclaim peace to all the nations. Isaiah too used to talk of a child to be born with the purpose of sowing and planting justice everywhere, “a time where the wolf will live with the lamb, where a young child would be able to put his hand into the nest of a viper. No longer would there be any evil or violence on my holy mountain.” Read more...

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