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Letter from Jean Vanier, June 2018

2 july 2018

In my previous letters, I have often shared my wonder for the birds, but this time I am going
to speak to you about the flowers...

...Now, in early May, we have the sun and nice weather. Every day, I take a walk in my little garden, with my eyes looking down because I have to be careful where I walk: this means I notice the primroses. They were already there in December, but now it's a real festival of primroses. Imagine all the colours of the rainbow. Of course, there are a lot of white, yellow, very dark blue, mauve and then once in a while, a reddish-purple, with a very bright yellow heart. It's a feast! In addition, a good part of the lawn is covered with daisies- hundreds of them. Their petals are wide open like arms, which makes me think of God with his own arms opened wide for every human being out of sheer love for each one...







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