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40th Years : July 2011

11 july 2011

Many messengers of Joy are on the way.
About 500 pilgrims, coming from the Kimata province (Center of Italy, Cyprus and Greece) met from June 30th until July 4th in Loreto and Rome. 73 came from Cyprus, 50 from Greece. Among them, an orthodox chaplain and 120 orthodox brothers.
And from July 7th until 13th, 500 pilgrims from UK North and South celebrated the 40th Faith and Light anniversary in Lourdes.

Kimata welcomed about 15 delegates from Switzerland, 5 from Croatia, Roland Tamraz (Lebanon) founder of Faith and Light in Cyprus and Greece, and Corinne Chatain (France) General Secretary of the movement. The first four days in Loreto were full of Joy, songs and danses. The pilgrimage ended in Rome : a very moving ecumenical evening for Peace with the Sant'Egidio community in the church of Santa Maria de Trastevere, was chaired by Mgr Youssef Soueif, the maronite bishop of Cyprus. Then, we met on the place for a great celebration.

alan croatieThe following day, a thanksgiving mass for the gift of Faith and Light was celebrated by the cardinal Comastri in the Saint Peter's Basilica - Rome. Then the sending off : each pilgrim wrote a message of Joy and all the messages, tied to balloons flew in the sky.
5 wonderful days of prayer, renewal, joy, songs, friendship. All the messengers of joy returned home to share their experience !

Kimata province Hymn


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