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"Iman Wa Nour", Faith and Light in Syria

10 may 2012

May 10 in the morning, two terrorist attacks hit Damas...

killing 55 persons and injuring 370. Most of them were civilians, people going to their work, students going to school. It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of a member of the St Emmanuel community in Damascus. With all our heart, to his family, friends and community, we share our love and our fervent prayers.

We hope the others members of Faith and Light communities are safe, despite the daily anxiety in which they live.

"Today Syria is very sad, tells us a member of Faith and Light on the phone.  We used to walk safely, now we are scared. Your prayers are vital to us." May God preserve this country and "Iman Wa Nour" (Faith and Light).

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