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Holy and merry Christmas 2013

10 december 2013

"Bring Christ into your homes, proclaim Him amoung your friends, welcome Him and serve Him in the poor." (Pope Francis)...

Holy and merry Christmas 2013

Madonna of the Strawberries Unknown German master, 1425

  • "With the shepherds to the crib", Ghislain du Chéné, International coordinator
    During 2013, many have heard the call that was made to serve our movement! Around twenty province coordinators, almost all of the Board of Directors and seven vice international coordinators responded: “Here I am!”

  • "Do not be afraid", Father Isaac Martinez, International chaplain
    The story is continuing, life is continuing, Faith and Light is continuing, let us go forward without fear: “Let us continue the adventure” without being afraid! This is the message that Jesus is giving us as we celebrate the anniversary of his birth. This is what the angels told the shepherds:
    “Do not be afraid!"
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