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Holy and merry christmas

18 december 2017

What good would it be for Jesus to be born poor in a stable, if he does not find today a place in the heart of each one of us (Marie-Hélène Mathieu)

In order to go to Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary made a long journey on foot, more than 150 kilometres. You can imagine Joseph, walking in front, followed by the donkey carrying Mary on its back; and Mary herself carrying Jesus in her womb...
Letter from Ghislain du Chéné, international coordinator


Let us praise and give glory to God because on this feast of the birth of Jesus we celebrate the Lord who comes to meet with humanity (Jn 1:14), with those who practice justice with joy and follow the ways of the Lord (Is 64: 4), with the poor and the rejected (Lk 2: 8)...
Letter from Father Isaac Martinez, international chaplain




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