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Guidelines 2016-2017

26 july 2016

Topic of the year : "You called me, here I am ! " It will enable us to call young people in our communities...

 Throughout the whole of the past year, we have walked hand in hand and, each month, we have shared on the identity and the great values of Faith and Light. All this was used at the beginning of July during the large Coordinator’s meeting in Poland in order to begin to specify what the identity and mission of Faith and Light is: Who are we after forty five years? Today, what is God calling us to do? How are we going to respond? The fruits of these reflections will be reported back to you by the vice coordinators who accompany your community: there is still work to be done to finalise this up before the big meeting in 2018 (International Meeting and General Assembly).

During this same month of July and also in Poland, young people from across the whole world gathered for the World Youth Days; so that this great event bears fruit in our communities, don’t forget what was proposed in the Guidelines in July: the happiness that Jesus promises to the merciful, the young people will give it back in our communities. This will be easy if the young people from our community went to Krakow; if not, it is important not to hesitate asking those who went to come and tell us about it. Each community can ask its diocese to help in this process…

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