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First meeting of the new international coordinating team

24 february 2014

From Februrary 27th until March 3rd at Trosly-Breuil (France)

First meeting of the new international coordinating team

Members of the international coordinating team

Coming from all over the world, we are going to meet at Trosly-Breuil :

  • Amgad from Egypt,
  • Lucia from Italy,
  • Joanna from Poland,
  • Fred from the United States,
  • Ann from England,
  • Kristina from Lithuania,
  • Maria-Silvia from Brazil,
  • Raul from Spain,
  • Père Isaac, from Canada
  • Judex from Mauricius
  • Unfortunately Valerie, from Malaysia cannot not be with us…
  • Ludovic, Agathe, Ghislain and Corinne will not travel so much as they live in France. 

Since we do not all have the gift of tongues, four interpreters will be there to help us in Polish, Spanish, English and French!

The meeting will start with a morning retreat with Jean Vanier. Then, we will begin our work with the reports of the international vice-coordinators sharing about the lives in the provinces they accompany. It will be the Faith and Light trip around the world... Together, we will share the joys, but also the difficulties and challenges to face on the five continents so that the Faith and Light communities may be increasingly places of peace, joy, where everyone, especially the little ones, may grow in faith and trust.

With the celebration of the foot-washing, we will show our willingness to serve the movement so that the prophetic mission of the person with learning disability can spread throughout the world with momentum and enthusiasm!

We entrust this meeting to your prayers. May we all return to the provinces as true missionaries of joy!


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