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Fede e Luce celebrates its fortieth anniversary in Rome and Assisi

27 july 2015

"I greet cordially the pilgrims members of the movement Faith and Light...

Fede e Luce celebrates its fortieth anniversary in Rome and Assisi

Pope Francis and Emanuela

Dear friends with a disability, you are precious for the Church. Through your closeness to Jesus and Mary, you are privileged witnesses of God's love for each one of us. Gos bless you." (Pope Francis)

Faith and Light was born in Lourdes in 1971, but the first years were quite difficult and it took a pilgrimage to Rome in 1975, coinciding with the Holy Year, for the movement to regain momentum. It was the Blessed Paul VI who confirmed the movement that had been born four years earlier. He addressed the pilgrims with these spontaneous words: "In such moments, as I pass among you, I would like to help each one of you to understand: you are loved by God, just as you are. He lives in your heart. Thank Him. Trust in Him. See: He gives you your place among all the other Christians in His Church. With them, you are called to form one family where we love one another as brothers and sisters." Marie-Hélène Mathieu reminded Pope Francis of this when he approached us at the end of the audience at Saint Peter’s square on Wednesday 24 June, the first day of the pilgrimage organised by Faith and Light in Italy to celebrate this fortieth anniversary.
A few moments earlier, he had met Emanuela and this contact must have been the most touching for him. Emanuela is profoundly disabled and completely depends on those who help her for all of her daily activities...










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