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2 February, Feast of Light

23 january 2012

I wish you all a very beautiful Festival of Light!

I wish you all a very beautiful Festival of Light! I still remember the 2nd February of last year with emotion, where we celebrated in Lourdes around a large fire, which kicked off our fortieth birthday celebrations. This fire illuminated all the pilgrimages that had taken place in 2011!...

This fire also illuminated many other important events that were not directly linked to the 40th anniversary of Faith and Light: our participation at the day in Assisi in October, the visit by Benedict XVI to Benin in November, and so many others... The book by Marie-Hélène Mathieu was a wonderful birthday present, and we should continue to spread its word as it is a very important 'tool' for re-reading our history and keeping our initial energies alive. Also since last year, we have a brand new website, the result of the work carried out by an exceptional secretariat.
May the great fire of Lourdes continue to illuminate the pilgrimages that will take place in 2012! The messengers of joy will still continue to spread their enthusiasm around the world this year! At the end of February, we are going to look at the whole path already travelled with the international coordination team, and we will see how this spirit may continue to bear fruit in the future.
So, let us all move forward, that this Festival of Light may again be an occasion to get to know each other properly, and to invite new families and new friends!
Let us not forget to include in our prayers all the communities who are in countries of which the newspapers talk too often, where there are difficulties, conflicts, wars... I will never get used to this kind of tragic news and I entrust all our friends in suffering to your prayers.

  • The young people are especially invited to an extraordinary meeting with Marie-Hélène Mathieu for the release of her book "No longer alone ! The Adventure of Faith and Light" (Not yet translated in English)
    Schedule : 7pm : Mass of the Feast of Light followed by a "pancakes party". 8.30pm-10pm : lecture-sharing directed by Marie-Christine Vidal (Pèlerin) and Bénédicte Drouin (Famille Chrétienne)
    Special Dedications

    Crypt of the parish St Pierre du Gros Caillou, 92 rue St Dominique 75007 Paris.
    Information   Tel. +
    Flyer, poster (French only)


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