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Farewell to God, Father Jørgen Hviid

5 december 2014

International chaplain of Faith and Light from 1970 to 1982, Father Jørgen went back to the Father's house this Sunday November 30...

Farewell to God, Father Jørgen Hviid

Father Jørgen, Marie-Hélène Mathieu and Jean Vanier, Rome 1984

Here, the tribute that Marie-Hélène Mathieu makes in her book "Never again alone!":

A word about Father Jørgen Hviid, whose role, although very discreet, was essential to our history. This Danish priest, whom I had met at the Bureau International Catholique de l'Enfance, was a psychologist, spoke five languages fluently, was very close to persons with disabilities and was very engaged in different areas in his country.
During the inernational meeting in Geneva in 1970, it was absolutly necessary to appoint an international chaplain. We had the idea of asking Father Hviid to take this role, to which the French priests aspired. Howewer, the other countries thought that France already had too much influence on the international council. I called Father Hviid to talk to him about the pilgrimage and I dared to ask him on the spot if he would accept to become the international chaplain.

Yes, he could free himself from other commitments and go to this weekend in Geneva. Yes, if this were God's will, he would commit himself. This is how, for thirteen years, Father Hviid was the spiritual counselor, the priest, the providential man who by his wisdom, faith and total trust established himself at the heart of our samll team.

After thirteen years of service as the international chaplain, Father Jørgen asked that his mandate should not be renewed. This is what he wrote on 11 March 1982:

Dear friends, I would like to thank you all. The Lord has given us so many graces; we have shared so many sorrows, joys and discoveries and we see before us the miracles of God! We are the poor filled with his wealth.
Faith and Light has borne fruit. We have experienced the integration of disabled people into the Christian community in an unexpected way. In the world, we have also experienced this integration, but at the same time we see threats lurking. Today, disabled people are more threatened than ever. Verbal arguments are no longer convincing; there are too many. We still have the life in friendship, the sharing of what we are and what we have, open communities that can testify in spirit and truth that each person is a gift from God, that each one of us is a gift for the others.
I remain with you through prayer and thought. The task of Faith and Light is huge. May the Lord Jesus wish to use us as his hands.
With all my friendship in Jesus Christ.

Father Jørgen Hviid


During the International Pilgrimage
Rome 1975


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