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Farewell to Heaven, dear Stefano

23 november 2015

Sunday 22 November, our great and beloved Stefano di Franco, former coordinator of the province "Kimata" (Italie Centre, Cyprus, Greece) ascended into Heaven...

For sure there will be a big party up there, close to the Lord, along with all our "ragazzi", parents and friends who have anticipated him there, during the last forty years of Faith and Light.
We will miss you Stefano, too much, and we'll need some time to get into this spirit of joy that is now spreading in Heaven. Nonetheless Stefano would never wish us to be desperate, hopeless, since we are called to testify hope.
In a letter in which he told us about his illness, he wrote: "if someone has been moved, he should dry the tears. Since we are messengers of joy and we are not afraid of anything."

Pietro Vietro
Provincial coordinator "Kimata" 

Carissimo Stefano, we are going to miss you, all of us are going to miss you. So great, so strong, so tender, so soft, so caring... With Francesco, Mariangela, you will start a new Fede e Luce community up there !
Ghislain du Chéné
International coordinator

Stefano in the middle of his friends from Fede e Luce


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