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Faith and Light International Meeting Lebanon 2018, "in the footsteps of Jesus"

5 july 2018

As every five years, Faith and Light is getting ready to live an international meeting. This year, we are welcome to Lebanon.

The theme will be "In the footsteps of Jesus" and will bring together more than 200 people from 52 countries. The 53 provinces of Faith and Light will be represented. For the first time in the history of the international meetings, all the delegates were able to obtain their visa to enter this beautiful country of Lebanon, where Jesus walked through. This country is "more than a country, it is a message of freedom and an example of pluralism for both the East and the West," said St John Paul II.

The international meeting is "a moment of reflection and sharing, during which the participants have the opportunity to deepen their commitment in accordance with the spirit of the Charter." This time of deepening and renewal is also an opportunity for formation and of celebration where a true international community is created "(Const. 6, 82). The program will be dense since at the heart of the meeting will be held the general assembly which will elect a new international coordinator a new board of directors, set priorities 2018-2023 and adopt the amendments to the Constitution...

We entrust this important time to your prayer. May the Holy Spirit be our counsel and our guide and may Our Lady of Lebanon accompany us and keep us in his tenderness.



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