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Faith and Light celebrates 40 years

18 june 2012

as "Messengers of joy"! Two years of celebrations around the world...

Faith and Light celebrates 40 years

40th anniversary logo



The official launch of the Faith and Light 40th anniversary celebrations will take place on 2 February, the day of the Festival of Light.

Meeting in Lourdes for their first Council meeting, the province coordinators received a banner with a design symbolising 40 years of the movement. But what does it mean?

The Faith and Light boat landed. It no longer remains in the water but on the land. The characters have also taken their leave. They have got off the boat and gone on a farandole to announce Faith and Light to the world in messengers of joy. They have left following Jesus, Light of the world!
Since that day, about fifty pilgrimages have been organized or will be launched until the end of 2012, bringing together nearly 17,000 messengers of joy.


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 Why and how?

Why this theme?

Charter of the pilgrimages

From the 1971 pilgrimage to Lourdes to the 2011-2012 pilgrimages throughout the world, message from Marie-Hélène Mathieu, founder

Happy anniversary! Happy pilgrimages!, letter from Ghislain du Chéné

When and were ? Diary of the pilgrimages past and futures



Some reports from "Up Sails!"

Photos Albums

Songs of pilgrimages



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