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Christmas Carols in York!

9 december 2013

220 members of the Faith and Light UK North province gathered together in York...

On December 7th, 220 members of the Faith and Light communities coming from the UK North province gathered together in York for their "Announcement and Sharing Day"... After a time of welcome, a beautiful ecumenical prayer, joyful gesture songs followed by the traditional Fish and Chips lunch at York University, the whole assembly walked towards the city center for singing "Christmas carols".



 For a little more than an hour, Trevor the conductor, led his musicians brilliantly ! He even invited some young bystanders to join the choir. So gifted ! On that day, everyone was invited to be an artist, on stage or among the assembly, each participant in his own way, while Jane was playing the flute with Mary, Tania beat time with her cheerfyl cymbals. 



 During the afternoon, a dad who was moved by Tania's big smile and the joy conveyed by this gathering, came closer and inquired about the Faith and Light movement !
This event is organized once a year by the Faith and Light communities of northern England, it is a special time to come forward and share the joy experienced in Faith and Light.
Let's continue the adventure!



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