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Faith and Light in Syria

5 march 2015

Let us pray for our friends with François d' Assise

Faith and Light in Syria

Faith and Light in Syria

There are about thirty-eight communities that meet not only once a month but once a week, people are so in need to support each other in these difficult times. And when several communities meet within the same town, they get together about once every two months. So a total of 360 members celebrated Christmas and the Feast of Light ​​in Damascus !
There are communities in a dozen cities throughout Syria, from south to north, from the Mediterranean Sea to Kurdistan.
There are so many displaced families and with this dense number of communities, they almost always find a community to welcome them. And the great family of Faith and Light is still there to be with everyone in these difficult times. A very important solidarity movement was organized by the Provincial Coordinator thanks to several donors: this is how many families with a child with disabilities can be helped to find a place to stay or a place for cure.
Let us keep praying for peace with Francis of Assisi. May everyone get a copy, in communion with the Syrians people and the people of other countries in conflict or afflicted by war (Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, Nigeria) especially Christians, often the most threatened.
Let us implore Jesus the grace of peace that is not within our grasp. And let us remain in communion with all those who invite us to join our prayers to theirs: Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and all the patriarchs of the Middle East.



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