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An outstanding association around the person with an intellectual disability.

Faith and Light is organised on a human scale by groups called communities, comprising in equal shares persons with an intellectual disability, their families and friends, especially young persons.

Community members meet regularly for gatherings of friendship, sharing, prayer and celebration.

Faith and Light numbers presently more than 1450 communities organized in 53 provinces located on five continents, in 83 countries and of 38 different languages. Two thirds of the countries where Faith and Light is present suffer from great economic difficulties or political instability.  Members of Faith and Light communities come from different Christian traditions, (catholic, protestants, anglican and orthodox...) without distinction of age, culture or income.

The Faith and Light’s international Head office and secretariat are in France and consist of only three employees. The life of the movement depends on numerous very active and generous volunteers.

  • International coordinator: Ghislain du Chéné  enveloppe
  • International Chaplain: Father Isaac Martinez  enveloppe
  • President: Anne-Marie Pike enveloppe