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Life in our communities

A Faith and Light Community, is a group of 15 to 40 persons (children, teenagers or adults with an intellectual disability, their family, friends) who meet together at least once per month for a gathering of friendship, sharing, prayer and celebration.

Communities that meet, centred around the person with an intellectual disability
image ''Faith and Light is founded on the belief that each person with an intellectual disability is fully a person with all the rights of a human being : above all the right to be loved, recognized and respected for himself or herself and in the choices he/she makes. Faith and Light believes that every person, able-bodied or disabled, is equally loved by God and that Jesus lives in them." (Charter II, 1)
Communities with young children
image For many parents of young children with an intellectual disability, it is difficult to look into the future, and so difficult to be at ease in a community with adults suffering from disabilities. They only have just enough strength to live from day to day with the small child. This is how communities with young children were created.
Fidelity time
image Friendships become deeper when you take the time to be together. Between gatherings, members of the community like to meet up in small groups, or simply in twos and threes : this is the time of fidelity.
The Feast of Light
image 2 February : Day of celebration, thanksgiving and comunion for all the Faith and Light communities around the world
Let's go together on holidays
image Monthly meetings are often short and particularly in communities where there are a lot of members, people don’t always have the time to talk to every one and listen to them.