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International Secretariat

Laid out under the rafters of a parisien building : The Faith and Light international secretariat

Who is behind all the mails you receive? Who answers your calls? Who manages all administrative support? Who updates the directory of the 1500 communities in the 81 countries around the world? Who runs the website? Who organizes the meetings of the Board of Directors and of the International Coordinating Team, the General Assembly? Who provides simultaneous translations? Who is reporting? Who manages the guidelines teams and drafts its publications, prints and follows the shipments? Who writes and makes the layout of "Up sails?" Who ensures the translations? Who is in charge of the finances at the secretariat ?... A very small team.


- sharing news for "Up Sails!": Corinne CHATAIN (Executive editor)

- send the updates of the directories listing your communities : Céline DOUDELLE

- Questions about finances : Guénaël REYNAUD

You know Céline Doudelle. She is member of the community "Hope and Friendship", near Paris. Guénaël Reynaud, responsible for organizing the events, joined the team in 2010. Those of you who were present at Leeds, could see them always smiling, extremely kind, enthusiastic and tireless. And that's without mentioning their skills! They were not only like that in Leeds, they try to be like that every day and every day I give thanks for their presence, for all what they give to Faith and Light.

As for me, I had the joy of being called as general secretary a few months before the pilgrimage of 2001, after having been community coordinator, also region and zone leader... I am a member of the community "Our Lady of the Magnificat" in Paris.

The three of us are not able to deal with everything... We are surrounded by a wonderful team of very dedicated volunteers. 

interpreters faith and light international

  • Translators and Interpreters

Joyce Irish (South UK) and Rebecca Ireland (UK) translate the documents into English, Verena Saura (Spain), Cristina Chocano (Guatemala) and Erika Gonzales (Peru) into Spanish. Finally, during the international meetings, we are surrounded by a team of interpreters, all volunteers too. Among the most faithful are Father Xavier Nys (provincial chaplain of Belgium) and Joëlle Kielwasser (Belgium) for the French, Lisa Rushforth (UK) and Rebecca Ireland (UK) for English, Verena Saura and Antonio Fajardo for Spanish, Zbigniew Naumowicz and Ewa Cetnarowska for Polish... 

  • And many volunteers helping us for sending the big mailings (Agnes, Odette, Alain, Daniel and Gregory...)

A huge thank you to everyone !

Now that you better know our mission, we entrust it to your prayer. In our little oratory, we bring the pains and sorrows but also the joys of each one and the events that are entrusted to us, sometimes from the other side of the world ...

Corinne Chatain
General Secretary

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