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Guidelines 2017-2018

"Come and Live in us"

The theme of the Guidelines is  the Faith and Light Prayer: we have chosen this so that, together, we can reflect on this beautiful text throughout this year leading up to the next international meeting in 2018. The Faith and Light Prayer is a summary of our spirituality. In it, we find the essential elements that we will examine at the monthly meetings of our communities…
The coming year will be a strongly spiritual time that will help us to support, meeting after meeting, the choices and decisions that the delegates present in Lebanon will have to make. For the period 2018–2023, we are going to try to discern and follow the calls of God for our movement at this time in our history. In order to go on the road of this discernment, we can use, in addition to the Guidelines, the tools that we have at our disposal:
the booklet on spirituality and the DVDs produced in various languages, which will immerse us in the retreats that Jean Vanier has given in Trosly.

Ghislain du Chéné, international coordinator

Cover and illustrations
This year the guidelines were prepared by an Egyptian team who worked with great enthusiasm. They were very happy to be able to show all the riches of their country. Among these treasures, there is the Nile which gives fertility and life. The Coptic liturgy includes a prayer of thanksgiving for this great river, the longest in the world.
Amgad Edward, who made the illustrations, wanted to show that Christ also gives life at his resurrection. The silhouette of Christ follows the course of the Nile, from Aswan to the Mediterranean Sea. Its two arms contain the delta, the head is located on the capital, Cairo, and the shadow cast on the right is the Red Sea. The glory of the resurrection illuminates the whole country and its inhabitants.