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Websites and facebook pages of Faith and Light across the world

    Provinces and countries 


  • Belgium 
  • Between the seas (Czech republic facebook czech republic, Georgia , Lithuaniawebsite lithuania facebook lithuania, Russiawebsite russia facebook russia, Slovakiawebsite slovakia facebook slovakia)
  • Bridge of Hope facebook bridge of hope (Argentina facebook argentinaParaguay facebook paraguay, South Brasil)
  • Capricorn Africa (DRC Lubumbashi, South Africa website belgium, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
  • Campo belo facebook campo belo (Brasil Centre)
  • Canada East facebook canada est
  • Canada West
  • Colors of Asia (Malaysia, Pakistan facebook karachi (pakistan), Philippines facebook georgia, Singapore facebook singapore)
  • Croatia website croatie facebook croatia 
  • Danube (Hungarywebsite hungary, Romania facebook romania, Serbia)
  • Egypte south - Kuweït facebook egypt south kuweit (Egypte south, Kuweït facebook kuweit)
  • East Africa (Burundi, Kenya, DRC Kivu, Rwanda)
  • Heart ot Europe (Germanywebsite germany, Austriawebsite austria, Luxembourg, Netherlandswebsite netherlands)
  • Holy Family (Egypte North - Sudan, Sudan South)
  • France "Entre deux mers" facebook france entre deux mers
  • France "sparkling east"
  • France "Ile-de-france west" facebook ile de france ouest
  • France centre
  • France "Loire Rhône Auvergne"
  • France North
  • France West
  • France "Paris et le levant"
  • France "Rhône Azur"
  • Iberatlanticwebsite iberatlantic facebook iberatlantic (Spain west, Gibraltar )
  • Ila Trinity website ila trinity   (Iran, Lebanon north west, Armenia facebook armenia)
  • Ireland website ireland
  • Jesus Light of the Andes facebook georgia (Chile facebook chile, Colombia, Equator, Peru facebook georgia)
  • Kimata website kimata facebook kimata (Italy centre, Cyprus facebook chypre, Greece)
  • Land and seas website land and seas (spain) facebook georgia (Spain East)
  • Liban southwebsite lebanon south (Jordan facebook jordan, Lebanon south facebook georgia)
  • Light of the Orient (South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan)
  • Luzitana facebook luzitana (Portugal)
  • Mounts and valleys without borders website mounts and valleys without borders facebook mounts and valleys without borders (Switzerland, French Jura)
  • Northern Lightswebsite northern lights(Denmarkwebsite denmark facebook denmark, Estoniawebsite estonia facebook estonia, Norwaywebsite norway, Swedenwebsite sweden facebook sweden)
  • Open hearts (Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua facebook nicaragua)
  • Poland centre east
  • Poland north
  • Poland west
  • Poland south
  • Rainbow facebook rainbow (Madagascar, Mauricius, Seychelles, Reunion, Rodrigues)
  • Reborn facebook reborn (Brasil North east)
  • River of Peace website river of peace (italy) facebook river of peace (italy) (Italy North, Galilee)
  • Seas and volcanoes website seas and volcanoes facebook seas and volcanoes (Italy south)
  • Slovenia website slovenia
  • Southern Cross (Australia, New Zealand)
  • Syria facebook syria
  • Uk north website uk north facebook uk north (North England, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
  • Uk south website uk south facebook uk south (South England, Wales)
  • Ukraine website ukraine facebook ukraine
  • Usa east website usa east facebook usa east
  • Usa west website usa west
  • West Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Togo)